Re: Johnson's assumptions

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 20:44:14 -0600

> In carefully reading Johnson's remarks here
>(I'm sorry I don't have it at hand to quote from), it is clear
>to me that Johnson in effect presupposes that Darwinism and
>theism are contradictory.

Johnson has made this abundantly clear on numerous occasions.

"The evolutionary theory endorsed by the American scientific
and educational establishment is of course the creed of the 9
percent, not the God-guided gradual creation of the 40 per cent.
Persons who endorse a God-guided process of evolution may think
that they have reconciled religion and science, but this is an
illusion produced by vague terminology."~Phillip E. Johnson,
"Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning," Rivista di Biologia- Biology
Forum, 87(2/3), 1994, pp. 297-319, p. 301.

"The specific answers they derive may or may not be reconcilable
with theism, but the manner of thinking is profoundly atheisitic.
To accept the answers as indubitably true is inevitably to accept
the thinking that generated those answers. That is why I think the
appropriate term for the accomodationist position is not 'theistic
evolution,' but rather theistic naturalism. Under either name,
itis a disastrous error."~Phillip E. Johnson, "Shouting 'Heresy' in
the Temple of Darwin,"Christianity Today Oct. 24, 1994, p. 26

"Metaphysics and science are inseparably entangled in the blind watchmaker
thesis. I think that most theistic evolutionists accept as scientific the
claim that natural selection performed the creating, but would like to
reject the accompanying metaphysical doctrine that scientific understanding
of evolution excludes design and purpose. the problem with this way of
dividing things is that the metaphysical statement is no mere embellishment
but the essential foundation for the scientific claim."~`Phillip E. Johnson,
_Darwin onTrial, 2nd Ed. (Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 1993), p. 168


"If the naturalistic understanding of reality is truly correct and complete,
then God will have to retreat out of the cosmos altogether. I do not think
the risk is very great, but in any case I do not think theist should meet it
with a preemptive surrender."~`Phillip E. Johnson, _Darwin onTrial, 2nd Ed.
(Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 1993), p. 169


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