Glenn Morton (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 23:09:38

Geoff Horton wrote:

>P.S. About the title of this thread: What's _unreal_ history?
Since I titled the thread, I would suggest that Christendom is offering an
unreal history in the form of a young earth viewpoint which ignores lots and
lots of evidence against that position, such as that from astronomy.

Christendom offers an unreal history in old earth creationism by saying that
there is evidence of a sudden flowering of human activity in the fossil record
about 30-40,000 years ago when in fact art, murder, villages, woodwork, etc
are found much further back.

Christendom offers an unreal history when it ignores the vast paleontological
evidence for transitional forms and rejects evolution.

Christendom offers an unreal history when it does not explain how the fossils
came to lie where they do. By this I mean, why did God not create whales with
the fish during the Devonian? PC cannot explain why the mammalian whale must
have waited until after the first land mammals were created before it appeared
in the sea. Why are the Paleozoic corals 4-sided yet all living corals are

Notice I said Christendom not Christianity.


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