Re: Gen. Rel.

Murphy (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 17:39:22 -0500

McCarrick, Allan wrote:
>The interesting aspect is that the
> MIT guys used time dilation of the distant galaxies's motion to counter
> Humphries' accelerated time due to a bounded universe hypothesis. (This
> seems to be backwards.)
> Isn't this question moot if one assumes the infinite but unbounded
> universe proposed by Hawkings and Penrose ?

In my 1st post on this I referred to the simplest (homogeneous &
isotropic) model universes. Humphreys' is _not_ of this type so what I
said about lack of time dilation doesn't apply. If other models
such as those of Hawking or Penrose accurately represent our
universe then that of Humphreys doesn't.
George Murphy