Gen. Rel.

McCarrick, Allan (
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 10:36 EST

To Glenn and George,

Thanks for your response. Your thought generally confirmed my
feelings for the problem. You guessed it: the question arose from an
article in BSN (Jul/Aug, 1995 ?) (I get so much to read, including well
meaning parents !) In that issue, two physicists from MIT (I don't have
the issue in my hands) responded to Humphries' proposal that must have
been in the previous issue. Humphries followed with his response. I
applaud BSN for allowing a debate. The interesting aspect is that the
MIT guys used time dilation of the distant galaxies's motion to counter
Humphries' accelerated time due to a bounded universe hypothesis. (This
seems to be backwards.)

Isn't this question moot if one assumes the infinite but unbounded
universe proposed by Hawkings and Penrose ?

Alan McCarrick