Re: introduction, Gen. Rel.

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 21:51:03

> My specific question involves General Relativity and galactic
>motion: do receding galaxies experience time dilation relative to a
>clock on earth ? Their light clearly is red-shifted implying motion, but
>that motion is interpreted as the change in the fabric of space.
>Relative to local space, those galaxies have only a small proper motion.

I waited for a more physics superior to respond before I said anything. One of
the things which I wonder if George missed in his reply was the YEC context.
Russel Humphries has written a book Starlight and Time? or something like
that, in which he has an event horizon pass over the earth, making the rest of
the universe age more rapidly than the earth. By this he hopes to have a
young earth and explain the appearance of age in the universe. Some young
earth creationists have grabbed onto this as the solution to their problem. I
wonder if Humphries work is what started this question.

Humphries book has been criticised by several physicists I have heard. But I
don't know where. Can anybody help me out on this?


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