introduction, Gen. Rel.

McCarrick, Allan (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 07:42 EST

I should introduce myself: I teach chemistry, physics at a PA
Christian high school part-time. I'm also a chemical engineer at the
Naval Surface Warfare Center, in Phila (Hi to Paul A.). My interest in
the interaction of my Faith and God's written revelation probably started
with Schaeffer' "Escape from Reason" twenty years ago.

Ted D. and I passed each other at Drexel for a year or so (Ted
leaving, me arriving).

I've created an elective at school for juniors and seniors:
Astronomy + Paleontology. Most (but not all) of my students are YECs,
and I appreciate that view, but want them to see that Christians
disagree. I was at first surprised but many thrive in the atmosphere of
debate and reinterpretation that course provides. A good starting point
I've used is James Boice's first volume of his Genesis commentary (it's
becomeing more dated and thin, but a great example of even handedness).

My specific question involves General Relativity and galactic
motion: do receding galaxies experience time dilation relative to a
clock on earth ? Their light clearly is red-shifted implying motion, but
that motion is interpreted as the change in the fabric of space.
Relative to local space, those galaxies have only a small proper motion.

Alan Mccarrick

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Phila.

The Christian Academy