Proposal for Dick and Glenn

Michael K. Thompson (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 10:29:31 -0800

Thank you both for your answers. I appreciate that this has been
difficult for both of you, but I appreciate that you are trying. I
personally believe that we need all our voices in the public dialog as a
way of checking excesses and that has certainly happened--excesses that
is. Here are some of my thoughts for what their worth. (I've never

Perhaps a better starting point would be something like the 4 views
series that IVP has done in the past. Maybe if a book was published
using Glenn's four positions in a debate format then:

1. Your position could be discussed along side of VanTill, Ross, etc.

2. It would give you a starting point for being published.

3. The reading audience would be free to decide.

As to whether there is a market let me just say that I talk to students
all of the time who are stressed by the limits of 2 choices naturalistic
evolution or creation science. I have few joys that are greater than
when I see the tension come off of their faces as I descirbe other

Another thing that I have noticed about Christian opinion is that
nothing happens in the Evangelical community unless a theologian or
philosopher is willing to back a position as being Biblical. Do you
have a Theologian friend who could co-author with you in agreement? I
for one find this compelling because I believe that we need to start
with God in our explanations (it does start with him). Much of the
Christian literature out there starts from pet philosophy and culture.
(Yes even the YEC and ID and TE!)

I personally haven't seen your materials, but I hope you have copious
Scripture references. This is one thing VanTill does well even though I
am hesitant to follow him the whole distance at times.

Michael Thompson