Re: 'Baiting' human molecules and who is human?

Bob Carling (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:20:22 GMT

At 20:55 14/01/97 -0500, Murphy wrote:
>Dick Fischer wrote:
>> Glenn wrote:
>> >Until last summer, I was unable to find any Christian publisher in the
US that
>> >would publish anything I wrote on the area of Creationism/evoluton.
>> Sadly you speak the truth. My attempts to get published were also
>> thwarted by "Christian" book publishers far more eager to perpetuate
>> the status quo than to face up to fact that they were part of the
>> reason the truth sometimes can't make it into the marketplace of
>> ideas.
> May I suggest that part of the problem here is a limited idea of
>what constitutes a "Christian publisher"? Fortress (Lutheran) has a
>series "Theology and the Sciences" which includes Hefner's _The Human
>Factor_ which attempts to develop a Christian anthropology in dialogue
>with evolutionary theory. My own _The Trademark of God_, accepting
>biological evolution from the start, was published by the Episcopalian
>Morehouse-Barlow (now Morehouse), & CSS in Lima published the commentary
>_Cosmic Witness_ which I did with LaVonne Althouse & Russ Willis with a
>number of suggestions for addressing evolution (among other scientific
>topics) for preachers. Eerdmans, SPCK in Britain & even the fairly
>conservative Roman Catholic Our Sunday Visitor are just a few of the
>others of what can fairly be called Christian publishers who have had
>books dealing honestly with evolution.
> George Murphy

Amazingly you never mentioned IVP! Both IVP in the US and the IVP publishing
house here in the UK publish some great books on science and faith, many of
them sponsored and encouraged by Christians in Science (formerly the
Research Scientists' Christian Fellowhip) - see

"God and the Biologist", by R.J. Berry, for example, has just been published
by the UK IVP. It's an excellent personal viewpoint not only of evolution
and the bible but of the challenges facing us all in the areas of new
reproductive technologies and environmental problems. I am not sure of its
availability in the USA but I shall copy this to Colin Duriez, the UK IVP
editor, who should be able to tell me.
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