Re: human molecules in ancient hominids

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 21:13:50

The researcher mentioned as having found human proteins in the Orce hominid
material has published the following articles which might be of interest. I
do not know whether or not John Misasi's objection to the Science News report
of finding human molecules is fatal or not. But the following list would
suggest that the guy knows what he is talking about even if Science News or I
don't. And if anyone is interested in the area here is a place to start. I
will be ordering several of the articles. I would be interested in any

Jerold M. Lowenstein,

Molecular phylogenetics,1986. Ann, Rev. Earth Plan. Sci. 14 p 71-83

Bovid relations based on serum immunology, 1985 Sou. Afr. Journal of Science,
p. 77-78

"Proboscidean origins of Mastodon and Woolly Mammoth demonstrated
immunologically," 1985 Paleobiology, 11:4, p. 429-437

"Molecular Approaches to the identification of Species," American Scientist
73:6, p. 541-547

"The Search for the Human Acestor," Pacific Discovery 37:1 p. 39-41

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Anthropology," 50:3 p. 460

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"Mammoth albumin", Science 209 p. 287-289

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"Molecular Genetic Information from Fossils," Amer. Jour, Physical
Anthropology,69:N2 p. 232


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