Re: 'Baiting' human molecules and who is human?

Murphy (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 20:55:53 -0500

Dick Fischer wrote:
> Glenn wrote:
> >Until last summer, I was unable to find any Christian publisher in the US that
> >would publish anything I wrote on the area of Creationism/evoluton.

> Sadly you speak the truth. My attempts to get published were also
> thwarted by "Christian" book publishers far more eager to perpetuate
> the status quo than to face up to fact that they were part of the
> reason the truth sometimes can't make it into the marketplace of
> ideas.

May I suggest that part of the problem here is a limited idea of
what constitutes a "Christian publisher"? Fortress (Lutheran) has a
series "Theology and the Sciences" which includes Hefner's _The Human
Factor_ which attempts to develop a Christian anthropology in dialogue
with evolutionary theory. My own _The Trademark of God_, accepting
biological evolution from the start, was published by the Episcopalian
Morehouse-Barlow (now Morehouse), & CSS in Lima published the commentary
_Cosmic Witness_ which I did with LaVonne Althouse & Russ Willis with a
number of suggestions for addressing evolution (among other scientific
topics) for preachers. Eerdmans, SPCK in Britain & even the fairly
conservative Roman Catholic Our Sunday Visitor are just a few of the
others of what can fairly be called Christian publishers who have had
books dealing honestly with evolution.
George Murphy