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> From: (rick)
> Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 21:06:28 -0500
> Subject: Algorithmic nature
> Is this discussion limited to those who those who know the finest nuances of
> microbiology and information theory academia, or can an 'outsider' be
> recognized and participate?


No I don't believe it is, although I find your above referenced threads
interesting because they are topics of which I know very little.

> I tried before to provoke some generic
> discussion on the theological implications of the fact that algorithmically
> based design is one of the fundamental 'design elements' throughout all of
> God's beautiful creation. It is such an exquisite balance between the
> extremes of crystal and gas. The consistency of it's use in so many wildly
> divergent applications strikes me as worthy of a constructive discussion
> represented by a number of different disciplines.

Please explain more about "algorithmically based design"

> I would like to approach
> this as an exploration, not a podium-thumping, sharpshooting contest. My
> interests are as a layman in physics, Calvinist theology, art, economics,
> history (natural and human), and just about everything else in between. I am
> committed to my exploration of this issue, and ask that if my search is
> fruitless here, could anyone steer me on another path?
> Peace be with you,
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