Re: Gonzo speculation: Flood == Mediterranean basin?

Glenn Morton (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 06:13:07

Mike van Pelt wrote:

>Much of this list is far more specialized than I'm used to, but
>it's quite fascinating... I was especially interested in the
>information about clothing, tool-using, village-building, and
>art by H. erectus and H. habilis. I've long been pretty well
>convinced that Neandertals were entirely human in all respects,
>but Homo other than sapiens, still seemed up in the air to me.
>This information seems to (maybe) answer the question "human".
>And if theologically human goes that far back...
>I recall reading some time ago about evidence that the Strait
>of Gibralter has opened and closed several times in the past,
>sometimes closing long enough for the Mediterranean basin to
>mostly or completely dry up. Unfortunately, I don't recall how
>long ago the last of these episodes was. Perhaps remains of the
>civilization that "needed killin'" are below the current sea level
>in the Mediterranean basin.

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