Algorithmic nature

rick (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 21:06:28 -0500

Is this discussion limited to those who those who know the finest nuances of
microbiology and information theory academia, or can an 'outsider' be
recognized and participate? I tried before to provoke some generic
discussion on the theological implications of the fact that algorithmically
based design is one of the fundamental 'design elements' throughout all of
God's beautiful creation. It is such an exquisite balance between the
extremes of crystal and gas. The consistency of it's use in so many wildly
divergent applications strikes me as worthy of a constructive discussion
represented by a number of different disciplines. I would like to approach
this as an exploration, not a podium-thumping, sharpshooting contest. My
interests are as a layman in physics, Calvinist theology, art, economics,
history (natural and human), and just about everything else in between. I am
committed to my exploration of this issue, and ask that if my search is
fruitless here, could anyone steer me on another path?

Peace be with you,

Rick Becker
Refractal Design

Luke 17:7-10
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