Re: 'Baiting' human molecules and who is human?

John Misasi (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 05:22:44 -0500 (EST)

Glenn wrote:

> >I cannot remain silent while Christians say erroneous scientific
> >things. Considering that 32+ Christian book publishers rejected my
> >manuscript and several journals rejected any article based upon these
> >ideas, how exactly would you suggest that I get my message out except to
> >attempt to arouse discussion on internet?

1) It takes a while to get things moving. WHile Ross may be
wrong at times (or all the time), his books are making the way for ones
like yours.

2) if you include Ross in the discussion, you must remember his position
is that God created each species specially, that there was not
evolution. He posits that the fossil record shows Gods creation events
with us seeing the slide show remains. If this is his position, then
humans (i.e. homo sapien) must be different from all homonids. He would
be a fool to answer otherwise.

Also, when joe average hears human being, they are thinking of homo
Whdden joe average hears neanderthol they think a primitive cave man.
Therdefore, they must seperate the two by some fashion and this is who
Hugh s ministering to, oe and jayne avg. And i think you can see how if
human = h.sapien AND cave man = neandertal AND h.sapien != cave man

that one could say

human != neanderthal (!= means doesn't equal)

Wheteher or not it is true, is up for genetic debate. Speaking of
genetics, i would like to know what journal to look in for that
archeologial dig myself. Let me know if you find the references. And
how much in tact DNA they can actually get from a bone.

3) while i don't disagree with your additions, you can find some of these
ideas, lang, art, murder, & meat eating have been shown in
primates. (you could even say prositution is present in bonobo monkeys in
which male monkeys trade females food for sex). I would ask whether the
Bible says that these things make humans human. I think it is more
likely to be that God breathed life into us, giving us a soul, a likeness
to him, and a blessing as caretakers for His creation. Maybe this is a
good topic for the thread.

What makes man Biblically different from other animals of the creation of

i am sleepy so i will go to sleep now. I hope i have been polite myself,
if not, i ask your forgiveness.

John Misasi