human molecules in ancient hominids

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 22:56:41

A new fossil site in Spain has produced fossil hominids which apparently date
to 1.8 million years old. The fossil material is fragmentary, but
identifiable. However, here is an interesting new test I had not run into

"Independent immunological tests of proteins extracted from the Orce
fossils support Gibert's position. Spanish researchers at the University of
Grenada have detected human albumin and immunoglobin in all three specimens.
Jerold M. Lowenstein of the University of California, San Francisco discerned
human albumin in the two of the fossils."~B. Bower, "Ancient Roads to Europe,"
Science News, 151, January 4, 1997, pp 12-13, p. 13

If human molecules are found by independent researchers in fossils whcih must
have come from a time when no modern humans were alive, what does this say
about their humanity. This question is primarily directed to those who do not
believe in evolution.


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