Re: Horizon

John Miller (
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 12:57:34 -0900

> There probably would have been less of a public reaction, but
>the creationists would still be teaching bad theology & science in
>churches. Adequate understanding of the relationship between theology &
>science is needed by the church _qua_ church, not just as an apologetic

Sadly, so true. Restraint on the science side wouldn't have made the
problem go away (the literal understanding of scripture will always appeal
to the relatively untaught and inexperienced believer). But my impression
is there would be less emotional desperation behind the present frenzed
effort to find 'facts' that would cast the Big E in bad light and thereby
build higher the wall of defense around The Bible.

My experience has been when one tries to build a defense for God, his Word,
or a particular moral standard, it usually muddies things up worse. Who
was it that said one should defend the Bible like a lion--just open the
door to its cage? A bit of an aphorism, but it is true that a lot of
well-meaning people have white knuckles out of fear that God cannot fend
for himself, so to speak, in these debates.