Paul Arveson (arveson@oasys.dt.navy.mil)
Wed, 8 Jan 97 10:29:11 EST

In today's Washington Post, in the new Horizon supplement, is a 3-page spread
on evidence in favor of evolution and against creationism. Most of the
common arguments, including Behe's, are discussed. Few references are
cited; the style is journalistic rather than technical. The creationist
references are to Henry Morris and ICR.

This represents a new level of visibility of the debate in popular literature.
Horizon is also on the Post's web site, at http://washingtonpost.com/horizon,
but I think some of the links are bad.

I also heard rumors that National Geographic is planning an article or
some publication in defense of evolution. I guess lots of scientists are
getting fed up with creationist criticism and are now resorting to the
popular literature to get their points across.

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