Paul Arveson (
Wed, 8 Jan 97 10:21:44 EST

Joel Duff said:

I have recently come accross a remarkable number of discussion in other
newgroups regarding Geocentricity. At the center seems to be a South African
named Philip Stott who has been traveling the country giving seminars etc..
on geocentricism (really geostatism - the earth is not only at the center
but is unmoved - not rotating)....


I looked at the web site. This site, called 'Reformation Christian
Ministries" appears to be run by an independent reconstructionist group.
Philip Stott, in his animosity to modern science, has gone so far as to attempt
to refute Copernican astronomy. It shows how desperate
some people are to escape the modernity of the 16th century.

Of course it's all based on interpretations of the Bible. You will
recall that it was the contradicting of Psalm 93:1-3 that got Galileo
into trouble, by saying that the earth moves. However, there are also
plenty of other Bible verses one could use to prove that the earth
does move.

Reconstructionism begins from the premise that all truth must be deduced
from Scripture alone. But God gave two revelations: the other is the
creation. Reconstructionism is self-deceived by being willingly blind
to the other revelation from God. It's sad to see the bizarre consequences
of such a false teaching and we as Christians in ASA should see it as
our role to point out the errors of this. They won't listen to secular
scientists, of course, but they might listen to other believers.
If they don't, then they serve to bring ridicule on all of us, and increase
the polarization and confusion in our culture.

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