Geocentricity and Philip Stott

R. Joel Duff (
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 04:28:24 GMT


I have recently come accross a remarkable number of discussion in other
newgroups regarding Geocentricity. At the center seems to be a South African
named Philip Stott who has been traveling the country giving seminars etc..
on geocentricism (really geostatism - the earth is not only at the center
but is unmoved - not rotating). A short desription of his work can be found
in several sections at the following:

Has anyone read his book _Vital Questions_, or heard him speak. It seems he
has come up with a more "sophisticated" approach to defending his position
than those in the past. He apparently has enough influence that at least
one high school book written for Chrisitain schools has been started
incorporating his ideas as a central theme. I would be interested if anyone
else out there knows of others promoting this view seriously (both
scientifically and theologically).
In all his writings and followers comments the logic seems to be: if
long-age and evolution are the result of atheistic science and those
scientists can pass that off on the public then they certainly could be
duping us on the earths position in the universe. In addition, it is often
expressed that if one can just show that heliocentricity is wrong, old earth
and evolutionary ideas with fall like dominoes.



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