Brains size and sweat

Rob Wahl (
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 16:44:28 +0000

Since it's been so quiet on this conference, let me ask this question:

I was interested in Glenn's discussion about brain size, sweat and hair, but
I had some questions from a scientific point of view.

- Does the brain actually create more heat than active muscles? I had
never heard that the brain creates a significant amount of
heat. How can we calculate the heat generated by the brain and
how does that compare to the heat generated by the muscle
system, because if we can't demonstrate that the brain generates
a significant portion of the heat generated by the body, then
that speculation is nonsense.

- Why aren't non-sweating primates brain damaged from heat, or are they?

- Does the fact that horses sweat suggest anything?

While the discussion is tantalizing, I would really like to see more facts
and figures to support it.