Re: Books for a young man

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 29 Dec 1996 21:34:46

Burgy wrote:

>I would not recommend the McDowell books. Many of the arguments he makes
>are very low-level and have been objects of derision on various
>internet groups for several years. Glenn Morton's comments a few posts
>above are very much to the point. I would, however, recommend the ASA
>booklet mentioned by Dr. Pun just earlier.
>McDowell is a preacher, and a good one, I hear. He is not, however,
>a scientist, and some of what he presents appears to be quite incorrect.

Considering that I ghost wrote one of Mr. McDowell's books when I was in my
YEC incarnation, I too would not recommend them for the same reason. I am
responsible for the misinformation in at least one of his books.


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