Shopping for Books

Geoffrey Horton (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 18:28:45 -0600

Several books have been mentioned in various threads. Being a compulsive
reader, I jumped over to <> to see how many of them I
could find. Unless someone can point me to a books in print on-line, this
is a good source to see what's out there (and I love their customer

I was not able to find _Why Work?_ My own recommendation is _Your Work
Matters to God_, by Doug Sherman, which was of some help to me last year.
My search on keywords "Work Christianity" turned up several hundred
references. One was to a reprint of the appendix to _What Color is Your
Parachute?_ Has anyone read this, and if so is it worth reading?

_Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy_ is available from Amazon, at
a $1.85 surcharge + shipping and handling (they usually discount instead of
surcharge). If I decide to order this, I'll order direct from ASA if
that's possible (is it?)

_Creation and Time_, by Hugh Ross, is available, as are several other of
his books.

Yours in Christ,