Exotic Matter?

Steve Alley (skits@primenet.com)
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 13:18:51 -0800

I was recently reading a book that made an effort to prove God through
cosmological sciences, and it hinged a large portion of its argument on the
existance of "exotic matter" (gravitons, neutrinos, etc.). I had heard
the existance of such substances hypothesized, and knew the names from
science fiction shows and novels (Yes, I'm a trekie), but I hadn't heard
that they had ever been proven. Maybe I'm just in the dark, but has the
existance of "exotic matter" been authenticated and documented? The book
is rather old, so if it had been at the date of its authorship, I must be
really behind the times.

Let me know, please.

Jason Alley