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Joel Cannon (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 11:35:43 -0600 (CST)

I almost missed this introduction to a new member which appeared at
the bottom of the Santa Claus expose` and suspect others might also
have missed it to so I am reposting it here.

Welcome John and thanks for sharing a little of your story.

He also has a book that might be good for Tamara's high school friend
(hope I remember the name correctly). Better yet, put John or some of
the other members in touch with your friend Tamara.

> I believe that this message is a good one to use to introduce myself, I
> enjoyed it and am thankful for the humor we can share with each other.
> I am a Christian (Lutheran) and received academic training in History (B.A.,
> 1976), Geology (B.S. 1981, and M.S. 1988) and am hoping to complete my PhD.
> in Geology this year. I was also a graduate student in
> anthropology/archeology during the late 70's early 80's and have tried to
> keep up in the area of paleoanthropology.
> My geological and biological training has been in paleoenvironmental
> analysis, botany, and ecology. I am more of a "Quaternary scientist" than
> a geologist and botanist.
> I came from a YEC background, and seriously began my search for a solution
> between my faith and the science I was being taught in 1973. I was alone in
> my search for a solution (did not hear of the ASA, or other Christians who
> were biologist, geologist, anthropologists until about 1977).
> The book which had the biggest impact on me was J.B. Phillips' _Your God Is
> To Small_ . Through it God convicted me and my "creationist" beliefs; I
> found that I was limiting Him in how He could create and sustain His
> creation, and in how He could work in and through it.
> In answer to Jason message above, I can only say it proves nothing to one
> who has a child-like faith and in the end it is only such faith which counts.
> In Christ's Peace
> John
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