Re: Lubenow

Geoffrey Horton (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 15:08:20 -0600

> On page 201 he makes the argument (in cnnection with the YEC position)
> triangulation techniques can only be done to measure out to about 300
> years. I seem to remember (perhaps recently) an argument that this
> could be used further out than that; don't see how, as the earth's orbit
> to be a limiting factor. Does anyone here know about this? Of course,
Lubenow is
> not an expert in astronomy, so if he is in error here, it does not
> the rest of the book particularly.

You may have to wait for Glenn Morton to return from his Christmas
vacation, because I'm fairly sure it was he who posted this. I'd wouldn't
mind seeing a repost myself.

As I recall, it has to do with measuring decay curves from a supernova
debris ring.

Merry Christmas from Illinois (slightly flatter than the mountains, I