John W. (73531.1501@CompuServe.COM)
24 Dec 96 13:08:31 EST

Glenn writes about Lubenow's book: "Lubenow doesn't do a bad job physically
describing the fossils. Where he fails in my opinion, is that he never
discusses the artifacts found with the fossils (like flutes, planks, evidence
for leather work, ancient art, etc) and he never tells the reader where these
guys fit in. Are they pre-flood fellows? What is their relation to Adam and
Noah. There is not a single word about that in the book that I could find."

Being a YEC, I suppose the artifacts are tangential to his arguments, since he
regards all the fossils as parrt of the Adamic line. I finished the book last
night -- the second half he began defending the YEC position (in a fairly
persuasive way). But the first half of the book ought to appeal (as an argument)
to people holding the old earth position. If, of course, it makes any sense to
the experts in the "fossil human" discipline.

On page 201 he makes the argument (in cnnection with the YEC position) that
triangulation techniques can only be done to measure out to about 300 light
years. I seem to remember (perhaps recently) an argument that this technique
could be used further out than that; don't see how, as the earth's orbit seems
to be a limiting factor. Does anyone here know about this? Of course, Lubenow is
not an expert in astronomy, so if he is in error here, it does not invalidate
the rest of the book particularly.

Merry Christmas and all that! From sunny Colorado!