Re: Origins: The Shaman's Cape-Religion among the Neanderth

Bill Frix (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 09:56:09 GMT-5


To reply to Glenn Morton's Message of Tue, 17 Dec 1996

> This is a good point. But let me point out that clothing itself, according to
> the Bible, has a religious/spiritual significance. It is a fact of the Fall
> that the Bible says we wear clothing. The fact that there was clothing at all
> says bucket-loads about the spiritual nature of the individual!

Perhaps. However, the only point I was referring to was the
"Shaman" aspect of the discussion. I am pointing out that the data
available does not support the contention that the intent of the
clothing was a deliberate religious act. The presence of tools,
arrowheads, articles of clothing, etc. is a continuation of the
previous debates of old earth/young earth, dating techniques, layer
tectonics (?), etc.

> Do you know of any animal that makes clothing from skins?
Other than the hermit crab, no (I would consider the discarded shells
of crustaceans as their "skin")..

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