Re: ORIGINS: Movie laws

Murphy (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 07:51:16 -0500

Glenn Morton wrote:

> If I am not mistaken, Plain Truth Ministry may be Garner Ted Armstrongs. They
> used to publish a magazine by the same name.

_The Plain Truth_ was/is the a publication of Herbert W.
Armstrong's "Worldwide Church of Gos". (He kicked out son Garner Ted a
number of years ago.) I saw somewhare in the popular press recently
that the organization - or at least the magazine - is trying to become
more mainstream by shedding some of the more offbeat ideas but I'm not
sure just which. (Armstrong's original notions included requirement of
Old Testament laws & festivals, British Israelitism, not using doctors,
and I think denial of the Trinity.)
George Murphy