ORIGINS: Movie laws

David Campbell (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 13:24:48 -0500

Another example, which was on Paleonet. I wonder if the free trial is
worth the trouble or not.

>Reading through the Sunday papers I generally don't scan the PARADE
>Magazine section (for international members, PARADE Magazine is a color
>insert that is produced nationally and distributed nationally in the US)
>but today there was a photographic feature that caught my attention.
>WHen I reached page 11, a one-half page color advertisement caught my
>attention (and it should catch yours, too). It follows:
> CREATION OR EVOLUTION? Exclusive Offer...Not available in Stores
>The historic standoff between science and religion is taking a dramatic
>new turn...
>When your child comes home from school and asks why the teacher doesn't
>believe the creation account given to us by the Scriptures, how do you
>answer? Can the Bible's account of creation be reconciled with modern
>scientific fact? This carefully reserached video , CREATION OR
>EVOLUTION? has been prepared especially for anyone who is concerned about
>the creation-evolution controversy. Whether you're a parent, student or
>are simply curious, you'll appreciate this candid, informative analysis
>of both the geologic record and the bibilical account of creation. For
>just $26.95 (plus $3.95 s&h), you'll receive this specially prepared,
>infromation-packed video, plus an 80-page, illustrated, full-color
>brochure that will help you beter understand this controversial subject.
>Be sure to order this special faith-strengthening video-booklet package
>today. Simply call our toll-free number (given) and charge it with your
>VISA, Discover or MasterCard.
>Your SATISFACTION is Guaranteed. If for any reason you are not
>completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in 30 days of
>receipt. We'll gladly provide a replacement or refund.
>The address to which the coupon (with payment) can be sent is:
> PTM-Worldwide
> 300 W. Green Street
> Pasadena, CA
>In small print is the following:
> Creation or Evoltion? is produced and distributed by Plain Truth
>Ministries -- Worldwide. Robotic dinosaurs in the video by permission of
>Kokora Dinosaurs.