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Andy May (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 11:16:18 -0600

At 11:21 AM 12/13/96 EST, Paul Averson wrote,

>I still get the newsletter from the church I was a member of when I lived
>in Southern California. I see that in their Wednesday night program they
>recently showed a film called "The Evolution Conspiracy". Just from the
>blurb, it sounds like typical ICR fare ("... Evolution beliefs are
>contrasted with the scientific evidence that supports Creation.") But
>before I contact people back there to attempt some damage control, I want
>to be sure the film is what I think it is.
>Is anybody out there familiar with this film? Are my fears justified?
>E-mail replies would probably be most appropriate for this inquiry.

Howdy, Paul! I'm new to this list and would like to introduce myself. I am
a freshman majoring in NOTHING AT ALL at Texas A&M University. I saw the
"Evolution Conspiracy" movie at a Christian camp the summer before my senior

Sad to say, your fears are correct. The movie is typical ICR fare, with all
of the usual smears, distortions, and outright scientific mistakes. I'm not
sure who actually produced it, but they had Henry Morris's son quoted as an
expert. They also recycled the old myth that the australopithecine called
Lucy included a knee bone found hundreds of yards away.

There was more, of course; attacks on the power of natural selection,
refutations of the "alleged hominid fossils", etc. I lapped it all up at
the time-what a surprise for me when I went home and read real science
books! Anyway, I've obviously changed my mind a little bit; to whence I'm
not sure yet.
All I can say is that, yes, the film confirmed your suspicions.

Do all churches show films of this sort? I wouldn't like to generalize, but
my parents and I have attended quite a few conservative churches over the
years, and I would have to agree.

Hope this helps,

Andrew S. May
Class of '00!!
Texas A&M University

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it wouldn't be
called research, would it?" -Einstein