Re: Fw: Underlying assumptions

Dick Fischer (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 20:07:51 -0600

Richard Knopp wrote:

>I THINK I know what an advocate of functional intregrity would say
>about Romans 1, but I want to HEAR it and be open to new insights. At this
>point, however, it seems to me that the view of the ID progressive creationist
>has a more plausible hermeneutic of Romans 1.

If special creation is invoked for the "perfecting" of creation, including
the pinnacle of creation, man, then an explanation for genetic disorders is
in order. We suffer from over 3,000 genetic diseases. My mother has
Alzheimers for example. Although it may seem at first blush that
progressive creation takes the higher view of God, it overlooks the genetic
record, which denies progressive creation, as well as the biblical record
which doesn't document any mistakes or defects by way of divine intervention.

Dick Fischer