Re: Re[2]: Fw: Underlying assumptions

Robert L. Miller (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 21:34:43 GMT

George Murphy wrote in part:

> &, I woul;d again note - no one in the biblical story comes to
>believe in the true God, the one who brought Israel out of Egypt &
>raised Jesus, from observation of the world & reason.
Ah George, your caught in an argument from silence. The Bible doesn't say
that it didn't happen either. How about all of those non-Israelites or those
before Abram? How did they come to believe? Consider the story of Jonah. He
went into a non-Israelite city, reluctantly, and with little enthusiasm
announced God's judgement. The whole city converted! Do you really think
that Jonah's witness was all there was?

Bob Miller