Natural Revelation (fwd).....Another example for discussion (fwd)

Joel Cannon (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 08:30:10 -0600 (CST)

Thanks to Jason Alley for sharing his example. I used it to continue
my dialogue with a biology professor here (who wears a Darwin pin). I
have enclosed it below as one example of how we might engage our
colleagues. This rather tart reply comes as part of a more extended
friendly dialogue, the pin discussion here started the dialogue when I
forwarded it to her.

> Beth:
> This tidbit came over the listserv from a biology student at another school.
> >
> > I agree. I am a Biology Major at Biola University, but I'm taking a
> > Zoology course at Cal. State University, Fullerton. My professor there,
> > Dr. Ernisee, told the class on the first day (not an exact quote, it was
> > a while ago, but this was the general idea):
> > "This is an evolutionary class. There are those in this class who, not
> > being enlightened, believe in the ancient myth of a divinely-created
> > universe. I'm not going to set out to change their minds, per se, but I
> > will not give credance to their view. The entire focus of evolutionary
> > science is to remove the necessity for God in the origin of life. That
> > is the purpose of this class."
> > You'd think that the purpose of the class would be to teach the
> > functionings of animal life: how it reproduces, nurishes itself, grows,
> > moves, lives, etc, not disprove the existance of God.
> What is quite remarkable here is the innocence of the professor in
> mistakenly thinking that the only God of which he can conceive is
> equivalent to the Gods of Judaism, Islam, or Christianity and his
> condescending hostility to a large fraction of his students. He
> presumably knows a fair bit about the history of life and their
> evolutionary connections but he is dangerously innocent about
> philosophy and the connection between this history and theism.
> Unfortunately, his avowed purpose is to discuss this philosophy.
> What do you think?

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