Natural Revelation

Jason Alley (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 00:10:57 +0000

Bob Miller Wrote:
>The evidence that Glen Morton and others have alluded to on this list that
>the religious impulse in the human species is very ancient supports Paul's
>contention that the unrightous recognize the evidence and with deliberation
>twist the evidence to mean worship of the created thing instead of the creator.

I agree. I am a Biology Major at Biola University, but I'm taking a
Zoology course at Cal. State University, Fullerton. My professor there,
Dr. Ernisee, told the class on the first day (not an exact quote, it was
a while ago, but this was the general idea):
"This is an evolutionary class. There are those in this class who, not
being enlightened, believe in the ancient myth of a divinely-created
universe. I'm not going to set out to change their minds, per se, but I
will not give credance to their view. The entire focus of evolutionary
science is to remove the necessity for God in the origin of life. That
is the purpose of this class."
You'd think that the purpose of the class would be to teach the
functionings of animal life: how it reproduces, nurishes itself, grows,
moves, lives, etc, not disprove the existance of God. He is one who is
so enamoured by his own ability to understand the creation that he feels
no need for a creator. Sad.

Gladwin Joseph wrote:
How many of us humans have come to know the GOD of
Abraham Isaac and Jacob through natural revelation? I think
none. All of us have had some form of
supernatural intervention in time (the span of such
intervention is not relevent here), either being born into
christian families or have been close to christian
influence, and have heard God's revelation through a
material medium (that is essential as long as we are
humans-i.e.,body-spirit unities).

I agree with you in part. I admit that my initial conversion experience
was not as a direct result of natural revelation, I was brought up in a
Pastor's home, but I have learned more about the personality, power,
love, and other aspects of God by studying his creation than I have in
church. I seem to worship better in the woods than I do in a sanctuary.
My relationship with God is very much enriched by his natural

Just the product of my too-busy mind,
Jason Alley