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Fri, 06 Dec 1996 15:31:20 -0500

Paul Arveson wrote:
> For instance, AAAS has a project to offer science education to
>minority children
> that is organized through inner-city black churches. This is a practical
> and convenient venue, based on existing social structures. I'm sure
> it means nothing in terms of support of religion per se by AAAS.
Actually AAAS has a more extensive program of science-religion
engagement, including initiatives related to bioethics, environmental
concerns, and evolution. Those who are interested might contact Dr.Jim
Miller, the Senior Program Associate with AAAS (and an ordained
Presbyterian pastor - he was until recently campus pastor at the U. of
Pittsburgh) at There is a brochure entitled "AAAS
Program of Dialogue between Science and Religion" which is available
Directorate for Science and Policy Programs
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20005
George Murphy