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Glenn Morton (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 18:22:07

Geoffrey Horton" <> wrote:

>Let us postulate that I am happy to believe in life in outer space, in that
>the meteors could be fragments of someplace else suitable for life. Does
>this affect your argument? And a different question: If extra-terrestrial
>life were proved to exist (even in non-intelligent form), how does this
>affect your views on God's role?
>Anyone is welcome to take a crack at the second question.

I like this question. Yes, if life exists out there it most assuredly affects
the immediate argument. Dr. Pun could then claim that only life creates
non-racemic amino acids. He would be able to cite those green men for

But when it comes to the absolute origin of life, my argument, that there must
be some nonbiological mechanism for creating left handed forms, would be
without any example, and thus neutered. In this case I might be forced to
alter my view of what God did, but it would not alter my view of God's role.
God created life; how he did it and what He did is still up for grabs.

The existence of other living systems would also raise the panspermia
hypothesis again.

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