Re: ORIGINS: Definition of Intelligent Design

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 22:07:02

Don Degraff asked,

>My questions to each of you:
>Q 1. What is _your_ definition of ID?
> Is ID an _activity_ (of a designer), or the _result_ of such
>activity? I.e., is ID a verb, or a noun?

It is a verb, whatever an intelligent being designs. It does not rule out the
intelligent design of living systems by means of evolution.
>Q 2. When a qualified person forms the opinion that something is (or is
> not) an example of ID, is that a _scientific_ conclusion (based on
> interpretation of scientific evidence), or a _trans-scientific_
> (theological or philosophical) conclusion (based on other grounds)?

Unless you have a definition of ID you have no basis upon which to conclude
anything is intelligently designed. This holds regardless of your

Anthropologists have a clear definition of what a hominid is so that when they
find a set of bones, they can conclude that it is or is not a hominid. Why ID
types don't have this definition I don't know, but the thought has occurred to
me that they can't define it.

>Q 3. What are the proper criteria for judging that something is (or is not)
> an example of ID?

I don't know. I think the entire world was designed and that God used
nonlinear dynamics with the living systems.


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