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Jan de Koning (75674.3121@CompuServe.COM)
29 Nov 96 14:47:55 EST

Bob wrote:

As an example, take the first step in the evolution of the hemoglobin
molecule. As you say it starts with gene duplication, with the original gene
preserving its primitive function and the second copy being altered by
mutation, providing a source of new material on which selection can operate.
This process is a fact, and thus should be dripping with evidence of the
creating God.

If I were Terry, I would answer: Read Romans 1. Something may be
"dripping with evidence" for me, but not necessarily for one who does not want
to believe, that God created. He is still guilty according to Romans, but I
cannot "convince" him. The only thing we as Christians can do is witness. I am
interested in the discussion, but am not knowledgeable about biology. It was my
worst science subject in High School. Still, I believe that we should not
expect "scientific proof" as long as people in the "scientific" (in the
N.American sense) define "proof" in the way they do.

From that it follows, that the next questions you ask could be simply
answered: "God did it." It does not mean that you now can stop asking
questions, it only means, that no matter how the questions are answered: God did

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.