Re: Fw: Mere Creation conference

Allan Harvey (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 12:32:08 -0700

At 11:11 AM 11/29/96 -0500, Bob DeHaan wisely wrote:

> Is it not possible for those who hold to Terry's view,
>and the intelligent design people to forge a common strategy
>to engage in this battle? Rather than attacking each other over
>perceived differences, how about joining each other in taking the
>battle to those who "take the glorious truths of God's creation
>and twist them into an anti-Christian apologetic"?

There seemed to be some hints/hopes of this in the agenda posted a while
back for the "Mere Creation" conference, part of which read:

> The conference would also seek to formulate a general
> position statement on origins ("mere creation") which
> could be widely endorsed by Christians.

At the time I suggested the following position statement and posted it to
the ASA list:

>We affirm the teaching of Scripture, contained in the book of Genesis and
elsewhere, that God is the creator of all that exists, including human
beings. We recognize that Scripture does not address in detail the
secondary issues of the chronology and mechanisms of God's creative
activity, and that thoughtful Christians hold different opinions on these
issues. These differences of opinion should not be sources of division
within the church, because the "how" and "when" of creation are of
negligible importance compared to the "who."

Does anybody know if the "Mere Creation" conference adopted a position
statement? If so, was it "inclusive" like my suggestion above? Or was it
something that excluded those who believe evolution to be a description of
God's creative activity? From Terry's description of "the design crowd,"
the latter seems more likely, in which case it would be another obstacle
(though perhaps not as nasty as the YEC obstacle) to Christians joining
together in the real battle.

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