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> Neither Evolution or Creation are observable, since neither happen
>today. Even if people say that evolution is on-going, it would be far
>too long a process to adequately observe.

I would cite the change in family in a microscopic single celled creature
which was observed to suddenly become a multicellular life form. This is

" Boraas (1984) reported the induction of multicellularity in a strain
of Chlorella pyrenoidosa (since reclassified as C. vulgaris) by predation.
He was growing the unicellular green alga in the first stage of a two stage
continuous culture system as for food for a flagellate predator, Ochromonas
sp., that was growing in the second stage. Due to the failure of a pump,
flagellates washed back into the first stage. Within five days a colonial
form of the Chlorella appeared. It rapidly came to dominate the culture.
The colony size ranged from 4 cells to 32 cells. Eventually it stabilized
at 8 cells. This colonial form has persisted in culture for about a decade.
The new form has been keyed out using a number of algal taxonomic keys.
They key out now as being in the genus Coelosphaerium, which is in a
different family from Chlorella.
Author: Joseph E. Boxhorn (
Title: FAQ: Observed Instances of Speciation
ftp anonymous cd /pub/bvickers/origins

Boxhorn was a grad student of Boraas and this was on the Talk.Origins home
page. If the address is different now, I apologize.


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