Re: Evolution as a religion

Jan de Koning (75674.3121@CompuServe.COM)
25 Nov 96 20:12:21 EST

Dear Jason,

The question is not as simple as you state it. In the first place, the
statement "truth = truth" depends on the philosophy one (often unknowingly)
accepts. Regretfully and especially in the study of what NAmericans call
Science ( that is "Natural "Sciences"), (not the European Wissenschaft,) the
study of philosophy and history is almost completely lacking and if history is
taught often very inadequate. The so-called scientific method is based on a
philosophy, which makes natural processes completely free from God. Of course,
in such a climate, it becomes Creation Or Evolution. That assumes, that a
Christian who believes that there exists an evolutionary process, an unbeliever.

However, I and many others believe, that God created and God holds the
creation in His hand. Calvinists, for example, do not distinguish sharply
between Creation and "Upholding in Providence." Generally speaking, creating
and upholding are mentioned in the same breath. Evolution does not happen
outside God's will. Many like myself, do not know enough to get involved in the
details of a debate on evolution, but to me it does not make an iota of
difference for my faith, if God used Evolution to create, or any other method.

Using certain definitions of the scientific method, we cannot even know
how God did it. It falls entirely outside the sciences. It is not repeatable
by scientists, nor can it be. We are not God. We have to accept God's Word: I
created, and I uphold the world, until such a time, that th Evil is fullfilled.
Then our Lord will come back. The new Jerusalem will come to a new earth. That
time nobody knows, says our Lord.

I do not believe the statement True = True. It depends too much on the
background of the person who says it. If one, like you, says creation or
evolution, then I will answer immediately: " You have assumed certain facts and
or thoughts, which you (unknowingly) accepted from the secular world around you.
If you do that you will have great trouble reading your bible. Not only in
Genesis, but in many other places. The bible is not written as if it presents
scientific truth, but is written with the intention to show us a faithful God.
But that is written in the language of God's people, which has to be faithful,
that is"true" in biblical sense.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.