Mail loops

James Mahaffy (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 09:21:43 -0600 (CST)


Is anyone else getting mail loops. Some messages from the ASA list are
keeping being delivered to the list. Over the weekend I got 240 some
repeats of Dennis Lamoureux and Murphy's messages. Apparently our mailer
delivers the message but doesn't think it is delivered. However it is
not doing it on any other lists so it may be something the ASA list
software at Calvin - are you listening Terry - is putting into the
headers. This problem only affects some messages and only from this
list. Other lists from Calvin (CRC-voices come in fine to others).

If any of you have had this problem would you let me know and indicate
what mailer software your system uses (we use mmdf and elm for reading
messages) and I will pass this information on to our
postmaster/sys-admin, Jim Bos. Otherwise our only solution may be to
have me unsubscribe from the list. While there is some noise on the
list, this is one of the better ways to connect with evangelical
scientists and I would hate to have to do that.

Reply only if you have a problem and by e-mail to me not the list.

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