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Wed, 20 Nov 1996 13:56:51 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Richard A. Knopp wrote:

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> > To the group:
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> > It seems to me that we are moving forward, perhaps to a new paradigm in the
> > Kuhnian sense. I know that we have been debating evolution for many years.
> > But something new is emerging.
> >
> > That is this: _general_ evolutionary theory is wrong if one exception is
> > found. More specifically, if _one_ system has been shown to have been
> > intelligently designed, the general theory fails. From then on, systems
> > must be examined one by one. What has happened is that some systems have
> > indeed been shown to be intelligently designed. Quite a few of these were
> > discussed at the meeting, but one needs only to cite those discussed by
> > Mike Behe, also covered in his recent book, _Darwin's Black Box_. Note that
> > if only one of all the systems discussed at the meeting is not overthrown,
> > the general theory is dead.
> > SNIP
> >
> > So, perhaps slowly, a move to a new paradigm: admission that intelligent
> > design must be considered within science. I say "slowly" because, as Kuhn
> > has shown us (although we didn't need him on this matter!), the new
> > paradigm is generally favored only by the younger workers; older ones are
> > too much committed and too set in their ways.

The Pike Syndrome

There once was a Northern pike who lived in one-half of a large aquarium.
The other half of the aquarium was separated by a glass divider and a
groupof minnows lived there. The hungry pike made many attmepts to get at
the minnows adn make a meal of them but only succeeded in battering
himself against the glass. He finally learned that it wasn't possible to
reach the minnows and gave up.

One day the glass plate partition was removed, but the pike doesn't attack
the minnows. The same pattern of behavior can be seen in a cat that jumps
onto a hot stove (once!).

The behavior of the pike and the cat demonstrates the Pike Syndrome which
is characterized by:

1. Ignoring differences
2. Assumption of complete knowledge (sound familiar mr you don't know
anything if you don't have a ph.d steve)
3. Overgeneralized reactions
4. Rigid commitment to the past (i.e. Evolution)
5. Refusal to consider alternatives
6. Inability to function under stress

`,_` ./.~`-,. "Throughout the hundreds of millions
=,` / 'i '~+=,_ of years the coelacanths have kept
v. . !-. = __. ~\=. the same form and structure. Here is
` ,_. , i`,_'\.- ~e_ one of the great mysteries of evolution"
' -.-,s @@Wi[ ,z,c \\.
.Y/ ,_-8!s/*fi! '',_\,!@m[ Jacques Millot, "The Coelacanth"
_si /i@Wzzz`--,dPV\gW@f
YP -i 'i -. gAY,g@@P ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
,!/!5 . iK| !d@/` ~
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