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On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Janet Rice wrote:

> Russell,
> >From your post
> >That is this: _general_ evolutionary theory is wrong if one exception is
> >found. More specifically, if _one_ system has been shown to have been
> >intelligently designed, the general theory fails. From then on, systems
> >must be examined one by one. What has happened is that some systems have
> >indeed been shown to be intelligently designed. Quite a few of these were
> >discussed at the meeting, but one needs only to cite those discussed by
> >Mike Behe, also covered in his recent book, _Darwin's Black Box_. Note that
> >if only one of all the systems discussed at the meeting is not overthrown,
> >the general theory is dead.
> >
> Could you perhaps relate the evidence for intelligent design that was
> discussed. I am curious as to how one proves this - what systems have been
> shown to have been intelligently designed and, more importantly, how are
> they shown to be so. Various people have said for years that life is too
> complex to be the product of random chance - but to me demonstration of
> complexity is not a proof of design. Intelligent design, to me, presuppose
> a believe in a Designer - faith, if you will. While I may have that faith
> in a personal sense, what makes these discussions relavent or convincing to
> one who does not share that faith?
To add to Russell's comments, the irreducible complexities of biological
systems mentioned by Behe is one proof of intellegent design. I would also
add that the system of divergent transcription of overlapping regulatory
genetic element regulating two mutally exclusive functions of the
bacteriophage lambda (lysis or lysogeny) is another one. Of course, a
belief in design is important to postulate this hypothesis. But a belief
in materialism is what motivates people to deny such a scenario also. In
other words, paradigm is established by a switch in philosophical
thinkings, not by NO philosophical presuppositions, as Kuhn and his
followers suggested. You do not come into the lab. with a blank mind but
rather a hypothesis and set out to verify or falsify it.

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