RESOURCES: Mailing Lists on Chr. and Science

Donald E Degraaf (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 17:19:50 -0500 (EST)


This listing is updated from the prior posting on 8-08-96.

The Science & Chr. mailing list is back in service, at a new address.
New is the listserv of the Christian Engineering Society.

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Don DeGraaf

Other Mailing Lists (email discussion groups)
related to Christianity and Science
(revised 11-11-96)

Evolution Mailing List is maintained by Terry M. Gray in the Chemistry
Dept. of Calvin College, for people interested in the implications of
theism for the evaluation of evolutionary theory. Participants offer a
wide range of opinions. To subscribe, send email to with the words "subscribe evolution" (no quotes) in
body of message. Send posts to

Talk.Origins is a newsgroup devoted to vigorous rational discussion and
debate of a range of issues related to biological and physical origins.
It is maintained by Andy Peters in the Biology Dept. of Indiana Univ.
Contributors include people of all persuasions. To subscribe, access
Talk.Origins from NetScape, click Newsgroups button on Menu Bar, then
enter in the "Subscribe ..." box.

The Religion and Science section of the Compuserve Religious Issues forum
is managed by John Burgeson. It is only available to Compuserve
subscribers, as part of the standard Compuserve subscription. The
Religion and Science section has two basic parts: the message section,
and the library which has hundreds of text files, searchable in a number
of ways including key word, which can be downloaded.

The Science & Christianity mailing list is a closed mailing list
providing a forum for Christians in the sciences to discuss issues
relating science and Christianity. Its primary purpose is to allow
ecumenical discussions on the role of Christians in the scientific
community and, conversely, the role of scientists in the Christian
community. This list is ecumenical and welcomes Christians of all
To subscribe, send email to the list moderator (Steven Schimmrich, a
Ph.D. geology student) directly at ; state
briefly how you meet the following three conditions for membership: (1)
You are actively involved in some aspect of the natural sciences as a
student, instructor, or professional; (2) you are a believing, practicing
Christian; (3) you agree to be civil at all times.

The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) mailing list is a medium to
allow those interested in biblical ecology to communicate with each
other--to share thoughts, concerns, prayer requests, responses, and
solutions to problems. It brings recent information on efforts of the
EEN and other ministries to help care for God's earth. The EEN is an
organization committed to helping individuals and the church develop
biblical reflection on creation and apply it to private, church, and
public life.
To subscribe, send email to with a
message stating your wilingness to participate or just to "listen in" on
the discussion. Please send a BRIEF paragraph or two describing who you
are and outlining your philosophy of Christian involvement in creation
care. In addition, please send your postal address. Upon receipt of
this information, you will be added to the list. (Your reply to EEN will
be held in confidence. One does not need to be a subscriber to Compuserve.
After you are added to the list, you will receive a "welcome"
message and some general instructions about how to use the system and the
address for posting messages.

The Christian Engineering Society (tentative name), though still
gestating, has a listserv maintained by Steve VanderLeest in the
Engineering Dept. of Calvin College. This listserv exists to allow
discussion on all aspects of forming an association of Christian
engineers. For more information on who are currently involved on the
steering committee and working groups, see the home page at
People who may have an interest in this group are encouraged to subscribe
to the listserv. They can send mail to with a
body of "subscribe ces" to add their address to the list.