RESOURCES: Chr. and Science Web Sites

Donald E Degraaf (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 11:58:59 -0500 (EST)

Greetings to all:

This listing is updated from the prior posting on 8-08-96.

Some items have been revised:
Science & Chr. Resources has a new URL.
The Chr. Internet Dir. of Baker Book House has been merged with and
superseded by GOSHEN Internet Chr. Resource Dir. at a new URL.

Some new Web sites are:
Affiliation of Chr. Biologists
proposed Christian Engineering Society
Science & Spirit

This listing is a service of the ASA Communications Commission.
Don DeGraaf

Some Resources on Christianity and Science on the WWW
(revised 11-11-96)

_Many_ resources on this and related topics are listed at the following URLs:

American Scientific Affiliation

Science and Christianity Resources (a service of Steven H. Schimmrich)

Annotated Science/Faith Bibliography (a service of Keith B. Miller)

Institute for Christian Leadership

Reasons to Believe

GOSHEN Internet Christian Resource Directory

Leadership University, a virtual campus on the Internet operated by
Campus Crusade for Christ

An archive of the Talk.Origins newsgroup, with a wealth of info on
evolution, is at

Peter Vibert's Resource List

Access Research Network

Christians in Science (UK counterpart of ASA)

Other Web Sites of Special Interest to some Members of ASA
(revised 11-11-96)

Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation

Affiliation of Christian Biologists

Affiliation of Christian Geologists

Christian Engineering Society (tentative name; being formed)

Society for Christian Philosophers

Evolution Archive of the ASA

Faith and Science (Catholic Perspectives)

Unraveling Wittgenstein's Net - A Christian Think Tank

Fellowship of Scientists

User's Guidelines and Netiquette

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Creation Research Society

Evangelical Environmental Network

Evangelicals for Social Action

The periodical *Science & Spirit* ranges _very_ widely in the worlds of
science and religion. Its Home Page is at