JETS Review
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 09:04:56 -0500

The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) Vol 39 #2
dated June 1996 (they are running behind) has an excellent review
article by Paul Elbert on Nathan Aviezer's book "In the Beginning:
Biblical Creation and Science," Hoboken: KTAV, 138pp.
Aviezer follows Jewish scholarship. The reviewer notes that Aviezer
shows that "Science can be both an ally and an important tool for
understanding Genesis."
"Assuming that the text is truthful and eternally valid, Aviezer's
methodology is to posit that there is a scientific explanation or
description that is consistent with the text..."
"The six days of creation refer to six specific phases in the
development of the universe."
In another place the reviewer says, "Aviezer, then, is on solid
hermaneutical ground here, and as a result ot this he is able to
interact with modern science in a critical and productive manner."
Again, "Concerning...the creation of the animal kingdom on
the fifth and sixth days, the text asserts a distinct act of creation for
every species of animal, in contrast to Darwinian theory."

I would upload more if I had a scanner. Perhaps someone else
can do that.

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Aviezer's book may merit a review article in the Journal of ASA,

George Bertsche