John W. Burgeson (73531.1501@compuserve.com)
12 Nov 96 09:16:08 EST

A couple weeks ago I offered to send out a text version of FLATLAND, by Edwin A.
Abbott, written about 100 years ago, to anyone who wanted it. Several folks
responded & I sent the file, about 200K bytes in length, by e-mail to all of
them. Two people (at least) did not get it.

To the requester using Juno e-mail services (sorry, I did not keep a record of
requesters), you did not get a copy as (apparently) the Juno system won't accept
incoming mail greater than about 60K bytes in length.

To a requester last weekend -- your request was garbled in transmission and the
internet address you used unknown. Here is what it looks like:

Daid=7F?= pbell, INTERNET:bivave@pop.unc.edu=?UNKNOWN-8BIT?Q?

I am told that FLATLAND appears in several places now on the internet; it is
probably searchable. But if your software can accept incoming text files 200K or
so in size, I'll still be pleased to send you a copy.