Re: ASA in Decision mag!
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 20:04:07 -0800

> One day I hope and pray that Christian schools and colleges
> will have a curriculum that teach Creation and Evolution
> as they ought to be without stifling the work of the Spirit.
> Shalom
> Gladwin Joseph

I wish non-Christian colleges would teach evolution as they should as well.
In Botany last year I had a one hour lecture on how ridiculus any notion of
creation is. Why can't they just teach the facts, and let us decide the
theology issues apart from class? Now this year I just had to read an
excerpt from the Celestine Prophesy, declaring that what we see is only
illusions! And this was in an European Cultures class. Every day I wish
more and more that I could afford Christian College, rather than the
subsidised state colleges.

Tamera, hoping her faith survives her education.....