ASA in Decision mag!

Gladwin Joseph (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 09:54:50 -0800

Dear folks,

ASA is becoming more mainstream evangelical and I think that
is just fantastic and about time! All I have heard people
talk about has almost always been a YEC position. I just saw
the article on integrating faith and science by Don Munro in
the current Decision Magazine and a blurb by Bernard Ramm as
well. We are finally being given the exposure that is
critically needed in the wider church. Forgive me YECers,
but I think a more balanced and open position on integrating
science and faith is among other things necessary to make
both Nature and the Bible speak to us for what they were
created. IMO, voicing the balanced perspective that ASA
expouses is essential to free the Gospel from unnecessary
baggage and consequently free us to explore and enjoy God's
good creation.

Anyway, I just thought i had to share this excitement with
the rest of you.

One day I hope and pray that Christian schools and colleges
will have a curriculum that teach Creation and Evolution
as they ought to be without stifling the work of the Spirit.


Gladwin Joseph